Beautiful, unique, naturally sinking driftwood.

Thanks for your interest in our natural driftwood! For beauty, color, and character in a driftwood centerpiece nothing compares to the real thing. Our naturally sinking driftwood is collected, stored, and shipped wet so there is no need for an awkward base to keep it from floating.

This is not just a chunk of wood. A general description would include such features such as arches, branches, holes, caves, and hollows. Each piece is unique. For color and character our driftwood is the best. Each centerpiece has been painstakingly cleaned and is safe for your aquarium. Our driftwood will not turn your water dark or affect your ph.

Fish love our driftwood! As soon as our driftwood in placed in the tank your fish will be attracted to it. Fish that normally stay near the bottom of your tank will start swimming in the middle and upper levels of your tank. Thousands of centerpieces have been sold throughout the United States. Currently we only ship aquarium centerpieces in the U.S. but we can ship dry decorative driftwood anywhere. Natural driftwood is the finishing touch to a beautiful aquarium or home decoration. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not 100% delighted with your selection, simply return it within 10 days and receive a full refund on your purchase price.

Aquarium Driftwood. Since 1986, simply the best!!!

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Aquarium Driftwood. Since 1986, simply the best!

As a leading supplier of aquarium decorations, we take pride in offering the very best driftwood and driftwood products.

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